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I like to write whatever I want in my own time.  I have friends who already do a great job of keeping Kansas City up to date with the latest food related happenings, spend time doing valuable research, and provide even-handed critiques.  I’m not an industry professional or a food critic, and while I understand that blogs and online publications can be a big assist for local businesses, a lot of the content doesn’t seem to be much more than people fighting for readership as they all basically tell an identical, safe story.   Eating is like fucking, but the conversation everyone wants to have about it winds up as a race to be even more tedious than Ruhlman.  And that’s easy to do, because technology can entertain low expectations in an impressive way.  I write about the people and things that matter to ME, and I’d rather have the same five readers every month than put any of my friends who own any place I write about in the awkward position to advertise for me.   If it’s a choice between friendship based on respect and common interests vs. weaseling a plug out of someone so I can get an edge over my culinary doppelgangers, I’ll pick friendship every single time.  Loyalty above all else.

I have a very distinct, deliberate and organic way in which I approach the food community and make friends, and I am very grateful that I have been able to count on those methods to bring some incredible people into my life in an honest way.  Enthusiasm and curiosity above all else.  When it comes to my writing my biggest goal is to sound as much like myself as humanly possible.   I’d be the worst staff writer on the planet, and not just because I don’t know how grammar works. BUT give me all the time I need with no restrictions on word count and I’ll do a great job of sounding like me.  And I will definitely entertain myself.  Once in a while, others will be entertained as well.

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