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The Rieger Menus

Howard- So what all are we doing? Jerry- Just reading the menus, no real plan.  And you know I know what’s on and off the record. H- Awesome! Jerry- The point is kind of I did no prep and came up with some basic shit like questions or themes to mix it up.  Not going […]

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White Trash Picnic

As God is my witness, if I ever found out that someone I invited to my birthday party was one of those assholes who constantly goes to food blogs/pages/sites to leave comments like “you forgot the address……you got the address wrong…….oh nice spelling…..uh, BIG difference between pan frying and deep frying, how about learning about […]

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The Ribald Sophisticate’s Guide to Food Fighting…

On the evening of February 11, 2013, while participating in CCVI Food Fight 4 at The Guild in Kansas City, I finally became a Foodie.  If you know me, I have never viewed that as good thing.  In fact, my mockery of foodies has fueled many a chortle on this very blog.  I’ve met many self-proclaimed foodies whom […]

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