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Smoking Cigars and Drinking Coffee

A PERSONAL HISTORY My love for cigars predates my KC restaurant insanity by a few years…in the mid to late 90’s my dining rotation was Metropolis for date nights and Garrozzo’s for everything else…my cigar rotation was much more developed. It took me a couple of years of experimentation and getting to know people in […]

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As a classically trained vocalist, I admit that I had the advantage over Pete Dulin when we were going down the road early on a Saturday singing the chorus from Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” on a constant loop.  He doesn’t understand breathing.  Hell, it took me the first full year of lessons before I […]

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Quad Macchiato Quest 2013…

PREFACE: I’m not a coffee nerd, but I know what I like.  I’ve roasted my own coffee for about a dozen years and have narrowed my favorite beans down those from Ethiopia, Yemen and Sumatra (respectively- Harar, Mokha Ismaili and, when available, any available well aged Sumatran).  During the winter months when I’m less inclined to trek […]

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