Smoking Cigars and Drinking Coffee


My love for cigars predates my KC restaurant insanity by a few years…in the mid to late 90’s my dining rotation was Metropolis for date nights and Garrozzo’s for everything else…my cigar rotation was much more developed. It took me a couple of years of experimentation and getting to know people in the online communities before I had my first opportunity to try a Cuban cigar. Then once I had some good sources those were pretty much all I bought and smoked. Some of the greatest parties of my entire life took place with some of my cigar friends on the east coast, and for a while we had a pretty good crew here in Kansas City. Like everything else, life went on, people moved or lost touch, tastes and priorities shifted and my hobby turned into the occasional cigar during a round of golf. Within the last six months or so my interest has returned, and while there will never be the unrestrained and irresponsible bachelor focus there once was, my current approach to the Kansas City food and drink community prompted me to create the group #CigarBuddiesKC. There is no recruiting, there won’t ever be a website or public group on Facebook, membership is based mostly on intangible and disconnected professional and personal characteristics. But everyone brings a very cigar-friendly passion with them. That said, as a member of the KC consumables scene, lover of coffee and cigars, and incredibly unpopular and unknown blogger, I thought that one productive way to step outside of my insulated and codified social life would be to bring cigars and coffee together in a very specific and purposeful way. People who know a hell of a lot more about both things will read this, so I’ll say up front….this is not an exhaustive list or teaching aid of any kind. It’s a snapshot of this particular moment in time….where I get coffee, what I drink when I’m there, and the cigars I am smoking right now. Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters and Oddly Correct are my two main shops, and if Oddly Correct had awesome outdoor seating with giant cigar ashtrays, the decision of where to go for this write-up would have been much more difficult. All of the drinks are from Thou Mayest. The cigars are either ones I’ve owned for a long time, gifts or trades, or were more than likely bought at…..a place I cannot recommend highly enough. Their selection is very “small batch” focused…..if it were food I guess “artisanal” would be its equivalent. I’m all about supporting the smaller producers. Most everything is sold by the box or in 5 packs, prices are incredibly fair, they almost always have discount codes available, shipping is free and fucking FAST…everything about them is great. Outlaw Cigar North is where I spend a lot of my brick and mortar time….they are very customer focused and the lounge is awesome. All of my Cuban stock, new or well-aged, was purchased at The Gettin’ Place. But seriously, nobody trustworthy or knowledgeable speaks in a public forum about sources, because we obtain them legally through people who visit Cuba and purchase them legitimately. There is a very small number of them, and they can only bring back so much stuff. They are assigned to specific cigar smokers via a lottery, and talking specifics jeopardizes your connection if you are found out. If you start going online and ordering them from a website, you are asking to get your cigars seized by customs and get a nasty letter at best, or a giant tax bill at worst. Don’t break the law.


Most importantly, and only the worst kind of poser will tell you differently…..smoke what you fucking enjoy. If I were going to play Cigar Snob, I’d say that if you have taken the time to invest in a humidor instead of just enjoying a single cigar once in a while, forget about Macanudos and any flavor infused cigars. Macanudos are like smoking paper and they aren’t cheap- you can do better for less money, and infused cigars are flavored to cover the taste of shit tobacco. Other than THAT, your personal taste is yours and yours alone…and while premium cigars aren’t ever going to be as cheap as everyone would like, don’t buy in to the dick swinging that says ultra-expensive is synonymous with ultra-quality. Genuine cigar smokers do not act like that, I guarantee it. Folks who act that way are like people who take every opportunity to show off their Rolex without realizing it is a brand mostly worn by people who can’t afford it. In the search for ultimate label whore recognition they probably pair the fake Cohiba they got during a cruise with their way too young bottle of Silver Oak. Then they Instagram a photo enjoying them both while sitting in their red convertible middle aged crisis-mobile. Coffee, water, soft drinks, beer, liquor, even sherry or port can all make sense with cigars….but you’ll always find some dude who destroys a great cigar and great wine by putting them together. ANYWAY…I say all of that just to say, don’t get hung up on the Cuban cigar thing. While I would personally agree that the best Cuban cigar is going to be the world’s best cigar, just because it’s Cuban does not mean it is better. What makes a great Cuban cigar the best in the world will be lost on you until you know why you like what you like. The amount of research, knowledge and networking that goes into always keeping tabs on what is good “right now”, be it current production or aged stock, is something that only comes with time. If you start out with that as your goal, you are going to miss the whole point of enjoying a cigar, and right now at this point in cigar history, Nicaraguan tobacco is something to explore and savor. Seriously, I don’t know what happened between the last time I was deep into it and Padrons were pretty much it for me and how things are now. Current Cuban production has some total rockstars, there is no question about that, but I am as happy as I can be sampling predominantly (Honduran, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Dominican fillers/binders/wrappers here and there) Nicaraguan tobacco. This is from someone who smoked Cubans almost exclusively for years…get some cigars from Tatuaje, Illusione, Crowned Heads, Roma Craft, Warped, Caldwell (Long Live the King line specifically…didn’t have any onhand when I did these pairings), Herrera Esteli and you’ll be smoking some of the best cigars in production right now. Yeah, I go for a lot of the small batch/hipster smokes…none are really cheap and I’m not rich, but like with most things I try to consume fewer cigars of a higher quality. As far as easier to find established brands, you could buy nothing but Fuente/Ashton and Padron products…among many others… and do just fine, tons of good stuff to choose from. Some people prefer a Dominican flavor profile, others love Honduran the most, hell the specific wrapper type can be a make or break for some (I’m looking at you Mexican San Andres haters). But just experiment a little and you’ll start learning what you like. If you’re local, hit me up and I’ll meet you at Outlaw for some basics in purchasing and smoking if you’re interested, or Thou Mayest just to chill and enjoy a smoke. Happy to do it.


Basically, I paired each coffee drink I enjoy on a regular basis with some specific cigars that I think are great matches….for the most part two non-Cuban and two Cuban sticks. They range widely on price and availability, but the majority of the non-Cubans are pretty easy to find locally. Some stuff is just no longer produced, and some are limited edition….but the only one that’s next to impossible to find is the Feral Flying Pig. And THAT cigar…you either have some and like them, you already know you don’t like them, or it’s a good thing you can’t find them because one might kill you. THE THING ABOUT THE PAIRINGS IS THIS- and I know I’ve already said this- it is in no way a comprehensive “best possible match” list…this is the stuff I’m smoking and drinking right now. There are a lot of repeats in the brands. I know this. My cigar knowledge, while not world class, goes way beyond this list…I only emphasize this point because someone is going to list fifty goddamn cigars I’m TOO BIG OF AN IDIOT to include. So kiss my ass internets. Oh, and I’m not the greatest at pretending to discern a broad range of flavors in my cigars. I generally love them or I don’t based on their complexity and/or strength, and my descriptions include things like pepper, earth, “spice”, wood/cedar, natural/sweet tobacco, creamy, short/long finish, etc.. Once in a while a very obvious flavor will jump out, but generally that’s my bag of adjectives. When I see shit like “chicken brine” in a review, I stop reading that person’s reviews. It happened. Fucking chicken brine.

Easter 2015 Small-10

Normally I don’t drink drip coffee…at my house it’s Moka Pot during the week and French Press or Chemex on the weekend. I’m not as familiar with the inner workings of the drip coffee maker at Thou Mayest, but it’s no Bunn. It’s essentially an automatic pourover machine from what I understand, and they keep it fresh. For a fast no-brainer cup and a smoke, any of these cigars will serve you well. Nothing too expensive or too strong if coffee is all you’ve got in your system. The Papas Fritas probably have the most punch; they are a short filler from Drew Estate, but when I can find them on sale I love them. Jericho Hill is, to me, a lighter bodied rich smoke that burns great and will last you for two or three cups of coffee. Those are from Crowned Heads; a brand you’re safe in purchasing anything they make…everything is good and at a flavor/strength level suitable for all. The Upmann Majestic is one of those cheap but good Cubans that I’ll always have onhand….light, tasty, the flavors build nicely as you pass the halfway point. And the Punch Ninfa’s, while no longer in production, are the best on this list when you have one with a good draw. If you have some in stock, you probably bought a million of them at some point because they weren’t very pricey and tasted good….surprising amount of flavor for such a skinny smoke. None of these are very complex (some will argue that point on the Jericho Hill) and they won’t hammer you with nicotine in the morning. Good old fashioned drip on the go washes them down nicely.

Easter 2015 Small-13
Easter 2015 Small-17

Pour-Over coffee is what very stupid people refer to as pretentious; usually because they think it is the same thing as a five dollar cup of Mr. Coffee. It’s about bringing all of the elements together to extract the exact optimum flavor from the beans…the right grind, the right maker, the right water temperature and the precise timing of the process.  This is, by far, the best way to highlight the bare bones character of the coffee bean.  They taste one way piping hot, and the flavors shift as they cool.  I add sugar and half and half to my daily hell brew, but a pour-over is best left alone.  I savor. I think.  Overall it’s my favorite leisurely way to enjoy a cup, so it made sense to pair it with some of my current favorite, somewhat larger formats that aren’t nicotine hammers…depth and complexity is key for both the coffee and the tobacco as one cools and one grows in flavor and strength.

The Illusione ECCJ 20th is a limited release, but I can tell you that in my brief experience with that brand, whether you’re brand new to cigars or you’ve been at it for a couple of decades like I have, between the flavors, impeccable construction and the lore of the owner and company, Illusione has something for you.  This is the perfectly complex medium bodied Nicaraguan puro with tannic qualities, creaminess, cedar and notes of spice and pepper that come and go. I’d pair this with a nice Sumatran to play off of its thicker, heavier mouth feel that reminds me of minerally well water, with grassy, herbal notes.  When it comes to Warped, I’m kind of a fanboy who drives my cigar friends crazy with my weird man crush on all things related to that brand.  Maybe it’s my rare thrill in finding the inclusion of Dominican tobacco enjoyable, or the surprise of how much I love the flavors in lighter bodied smokes. The Flor del Valle Cristales is from my current favorite line by Warped, and has a woody, lightly spicy, vegetal and complex character  I love.  It makes me think, that is a huge and lets me know when I truly like something. For the Cristales, a nice smooth and sweet Columbian would match the lighter body really well.  The H. Upmann Magnum 46 Cabinet Selection is, in my opinion, one of the best, most delicious and consistent current production Cuban cigars available today.  Rich, smooth, long finish from the jump, with that dark coffee and cedar twang mellowing down into some telltale Cuban earthiness.  Down at Thou Mayest, I would pair this with the Ethiopian Kochere just because it’s my favorite roast from them, and the acidic earthiness would go well with the Upmann.  The Bolivar Coronas Extra is no longer in production as of 2012 I believe…this one is from ’99.  If it were young it would go in the next “could ruin your whole fucking day” strength category, but time has mellowed them considerably.  Bright, straight tobacco and oak in the first half that eases into that same hearty Cuban profile shortly after entering the second half.  A Sulawesi, which I associate with mulling spice and stone fruit flavorwise, would be a great addition to your morning with the Boli.

Easter 2015 Small-22
Easter 2015 Small-23

Cold filtered coffee can be extremely strong, depending on the amount of time it steeped and whether or not it comes diluted when you order it.  Whenever I get the chance, I insist on straight undiluted toddy.  The one they serve at Thou Mayest has a good balance…it’s not going to destroy you with caffeine, but you do know where your money went when you drink it. An iced, thirst quenching, high octane and palate cleansing toddy is exactly the thing to go with the next group.  Some would refer to them as gut punchers, nicotine bombs, pukers…..the list goes on.  Others would say “well yeah, if you’re a fucking PUSSY!”. Which brings me to THE THING ABOUT STRONG CIGARS… Starting with lighter bodied, lighter strength cigars until you figure out getting and keeping them lit and pacing your smoking does not make you any less of a badass. Some people, after trying everything, still prefer light or medium bodied cigars. It isn’t an endurance contest. It just makes you someone who wants to delay the inevitable day when your first bout with nicotine poisoning has you lying in your shower with cold water pouring down on you as you pray for death. Have a very light dinner, get a couple cocktails in you and then go hammer away non-stop on a fresh Opus X, or a good cheap Joya de Nicaragua Antano. See how fast you can fill the room with smoke. That Dominican H. Upmann Petite Corona that was MY first “real” cigar won’t sound like such a bad idea to you after that. Being a chain smoker for 30 years, a douchebag who still wears Tapout or Affliction shirts, or someone who downs a fifth of whiskey per day does not translate in any way to making you immune to strong tobacco and that feeling of dread as the sickness washes over you like a blanket of nightmares.  I’m no animal, I don’t fire any of these up on an empty stomach.

So on THAT note, the Illusione MK Ultra is one of my very, very favorite cigars right now.  The spice sizzles like pop rocks in your mouth and clears your sinus like Chinese mustard….it is a BIG one-off for that brand. It’s just a little corona, but the underlying complexity is the siren song that would have you smoking it too fast.  It opens up nuclear, and just when you wonder “is that all there is?”, the complex richness comes in.  Tatuaje makes a bunch of my favorite “strong” cigars….there is a lot I could say about the brand or the smokes, but when I want a big blast of pepper, dark coffee and earth, the J21 Reserva is a damn fine smoke.  Any of the Brown Labels, Reservas or Cojonus from Tatuaje are great and generally pretty stout….La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero  chain smokers will disagree, but those guys will be dead soon, so don’t listen to them. Maybe the MK Ultra and the J21 don’t qualify as “pukers” across the board, but if you want to know what a strong cigar tastes like, I’m not going out on a limb telling you either one will satisfy your curiosity.  Strong, but also so delicious.  Refresh your palate with some toddy and thunder on. Now the Liga Privada Unico Series Feral Flying Pig from Drew Estate classifies as a puker.  It’s not a favorite cigar of mine, I mainly included it just because I knew it was a solid example of a stick that could completely fuck up your day.  The  tasting notes are- wood, dirt, pepper, nicotine and dirt and nicotine. Maybe some car air freshener. And they produce a crazy amount of smoke. They are neat to look at, and the rarity makes them primo trade bait, but they are mostly a novelty. But hey, check one out, what do I know. Last and the only Cuban on the list is a Partagas Serie D No. 4.  Like the Magnum 46, this is a very dependable current production smoke in my experience. It CAN be a gut bomb, but that conversation turns quickly to the nature of the Cuban cigar industry and the changes in the tobacco in the past fifteen or twenty years.  The right box of Bolivars can still hammer you, the Partagas Series P. No. 2 is dependably hearty, and supposedly the Romeo y Julieta Cazadore is still strong, though not like it used to be.  The Serie D. No. 4 won’t zing a seasoned smoker, but it wouldn’t be the smartest choice for a beginner. For me it is just a delicious afternoon/evening medium to full bodied smoke that I remember as the one that put the pieces of the Cuban puzzle in place for me back in the day.  You smoke enough of them and it suddenly clicks…for me it was when I took a long puff on a D4 and tasted what it would be like if the aroma of a tomato plant on a hot summer day and the aroma of a young rose bush on a cool day had a baby.  THAT, I said, is CUBAN flavor.  I chase it to this very day.

Easter 2015 Small-27
Easter 2015 Small-35

Espresso is the essence of coffee in a small format.  I’m very partial to the staff at Thou Mayest…it’s a tough call every Saturday morning as I head across town from Parkville whether I’ll stop in there or Oddly Correct.  I’m a weird loyalist who counts Oddly as his #1 coffee shop, but even if that were not true, I think I’d still give the edge when it comes to the drinks. They are pretty perfect, and the staff is top notch as well.  Thou Mayest is a little bit closer to home and the creature comforts are impressive.  Again, big covered patio with giant cigar ashtrays. And they sell cigars.  Just go with the Padron if you’re buying there, it’s the one they sell that cigar lovers will smoke. But nothing will make me drink mediocre coffee, and theirs is anything but.  Across the board, everyone I’ve encountered knows how to pull a great shot.  And they roast their own beans, which is my top priority when considering adding anyplace into my rotation.  So small format, big flavor drink meets small format cigar…

The Fuente Hemingway Short Story Maduro is a cigar that a brand new or seasoned smoker can enjoy.  These used to be ultra-rare in maduro, but in the last few years they’ve started making them more readily available.  And that’s a good thing; the flavor is solid and the rich dark wrapper is a no-brainer pairing with espresso.  For a little more of a pepper blast with your coffee, the Tatuaje Petite Cazadore Reserve is an affordable little powerhouse. When fresh, they’re like a nicotine laced tootsie roll, and as they age the pepper and earth really start to pop.  For a lighter than the Tatuaje but heavier than the Short Story little cigar, the Room 101 Master Collection One Papi Chulo is really new to me but the Mexican and Honduran tobaccos make it a pretty interesting rich and nutty smoke.  As far as wee Cubans, the Partagas Short is basically one of the best current production sticks available right now.  I don’t know how it got left out of the picture, I probably smoked it on the way over to the shop.  The Ramon Allones Small Club Corona is another one that is universally loved, and the H. Upmann Half Corona was getting enough good reviews that I finally tried a couple.  They need a little time in the humidor, but are another winner with espresso…short and sweet.  If more of a kick is what you want to match the heavy bodied coffee, the Bolivar Coronas Junior can be a real zinger.  Excellent sharp and earthy flavors, but don’t let the size fool you.  Lastly, the Diplomaticos No. 5 has the potential to eclipse all of the others listed, at least for me.  Sadly, they are no longer in production and the last box I own is dwindling too quickly.

Easter 2015 Small-36

Easter 2015 Small-50

My main sit-down drink at any coffeehouse is either a Macchiato or a Cortado.  Most of the time I’ll also get a pour-over to go.  But SOMETIMES what I get is a quad latte.  When I don’t want to throw back four naked shots of espresso, but I need something to really rattle my brain, that is what I get to take with me on the road.  Lots of milk loaded with lots of strong coffee deserves a flavorful but not overly potent pairing.

Crowned Heads is a brand out of Nashville with a few different lines I’ve been trying to figure out.  I like them quite a bit, they put out cigars that are a little lighter than what I’m use to but the flavors are outstanding.  The story behind the company and behind their different lines are all worth some investigation.  Right now, Headley Grange is my favorite offering, and the “Drumstick” lancero is my favorite specific smoke. They are kind of hard to find, so any Headley Grange size will work, but the balance of medium bodied, nutty, sweet tobacco keeps me entertained.  Another Tatuaje…the Black Label Petite Lancero isn’t a light bodied cigar but it’s not as strong as the Brown Label line, which makes it a good intro for anyone curious about fuller bodied cigars. And with a huge latte, you can take your time with it.  I’m a major fan of the brand.  For Cubans, the Saint Luis Rey Regio Cabinet Selection is a smooth, woody and mellow experience…at least that is the case with my ’09s, they reign supreme early on Saturday morning.  The La Flor de Cano Gran Cano British limited edition is similar in that you get plenty of cedar that is on the lighter end of medium bodied, but it’s a bigger smoke that also delivers creamy textures and light doses of the classic Cuban earth.

Easter 2015 Small-47

Easter 2015 Small-62

The preparation of a macchiato varies from shop to shop, but in its most traditional form it is espresso that has been “marked” or “stained” with milk.  Sometimes just a small cap of foam. I’m not a weird traditionalist, if you are giving me good espresso then I’m not too picky on how much milk you’re adding…the Quad Macchiato at Benetti’s in Raytown is my favorite in KC, and they use a pretty good dose of half and half.  Thou Mayest is closer to traditional, and the addition of a little milk fat and smooth texture opens up some new possibilities for cigar pairings.  It makes me sad when I order one at a new shop and the barista has to ask “do you want it traditional or a Starbucks version?”  Fucking Starbucks….the Cici’s Pizza of coffee.

Roma Craft is another brand that is completely new to me, and as dumb as the name sounds, their CroMagnon line is my favorite overall.  However, I think the Aquitaine Mode 5 is slightly lighter and great with a macchiato…stout peppery and sweet flavors with a spicy wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers.  The perfecto is a fun size to smoke.  And here we go with another offering from Warped…the El Oso Papa. The El Oso (The Bear) line is rich but like most of the Warped offerings, not a powerhouse. Complex and flavorful with a mix of tobaccos.  It’s a bit cliché for “The Bear” to have some sweet honey notes, but it definitely does, along with rich clean tobacco. Everything from Warped has a complexity I have trouble discerning; I love these cigars. The little Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos are pure chocolate and dirt, in the best way possible. For a small smoke, it packs a punch. The Diplomaticos No. 2 is kind of big for a Macchiato, but “the poor man’s Montecristo” brand has some excellent cigars…at least the ones I have with serious age on them. Creamy and woody for a Cuban, but as you smoke it goes into that familiar earthy territory. The milk and coffee just match up with this stick. A latte would be great too, but the extra espresso boost kind of cleans the palate. Simple fix- order another macchiato when the first one is running low.

Easter 2015 Small-59

Easter 2015 Small-74

The difference between a Cortado and a Macchiato is the addition of more milk to the espresso.  The difference between Thou Mayest’s Cortado and every other place that makes a great version is the the most awesome tiny tin mug on earth. Seriously, just look at it.  Look at that little fucker.  Pure glory. More milk than a Macchiato but not nearly as much as a Latte…the ratio of espresso lets the coffee shine.

More from Crowned Heads, the JD Howard Reserve Single Action Ltd Ed. The JD Howard Reserve line definitely brings lighter body also more of a unsweetened cocoa profile that is about as perfect for coffee as anything I can think of.  An even lighter bodied smoke, the Warped La Colmena No. 44 is creamy, super smooth, and a bit like smoking a Mexican concha cookie. The La Colmena’s (the beehive) are definitely some of the lightest cigars I still enjoy…something about the Dominican tobacco along with the Nicaraguan I suppose. The classic Montecristo Especial No. 1…I haven’t smoked a ton of these, but this one had serious age on it and I knew it would be incredible with a coffee drink. Some of that Cuban barnyard towards the end, but mostly a very mellow woody tobacco flavor. A safe bet for the novice smoker if they know where to get some good ones or know a serious smoker who wants to give them a real treat.  Then the gentlemanly splendor of the Trinidad brand..the little Reyes.  You need to sit on these for a good year or two, but these little bastards are kind of like smoking an International Coffee flavor that is actually good. Vanilla cocoa cream flavored cedar.

Easter 2015 Small-71

Easter 2015 Small-90

Finally…the Dirty Chai.  I’m a huge fan of Chai, especially considering Kansas City is lucky enough to have the locally made version from Chaipod.  Thou Mayest and Little Freshie both use it, and they just so happen to also serve the best Chai in town…along with anyplace serving it that I’m just not aware of yet.  I was happy to have it plain, but then one day I was over at Little Freshie getting my regular order and the barista had made an additional shot of espresso no one had ordered and offered to put it in my chai.  It was a goddamn revelation!  I went home and told my wife about this thing that had literally just been created for me for the very first time in history.  “Oh!  Dirty Chai!  Those are great!”  Well shit…..late to the game but an “extra dirty” version is what I like…at least two shots.  Iced or hot just depends on my mood, and any of these cigars will work absolutely perfectly with either version.

Jonathan Drew is kind of the Guy Fieri of cigars, but his Herrera Esteli line from Drew Estate is stellar, it was love the first time I tried one.  Near the very top of my list of non-Cubans. The Short Corona Gorda might be the best size to smoke, the lanceros are damn fine too. Delicious, dependable, kind of like smoking a spice cake laced with nicotine. I think these most closely mirror the complexity and body of a Cuban….the flavors are different for sure, but the way they work together is very similar.  The famed Padron 1926 Maduro No. 6…this dark little Nicaraguan puro is a classic top shelf cigar. Padron Anniversario’s were some of the first premiums I ever tried and fell in love with. With a Dirty Chai this is like a dessert course…a pepper laden chocolate dessert that you’ll have the tendency to smoke too quickly because it’s delicious and it will sneak up on you. The Ramon Allones Specially Selected is a long time favorite, tried and true, through thick and thin Cuban cigar. Light spice and earth that builds as you smoke, I like them young or aged. Just my opinion, but the Herrera Esteli’s are kind of like the non-Cuban version of these. Lots of flavor. Last up is the San Cristobal de la Habana La Fuerza.  I don’t smoke a ton of these, but found some as I was going through old humidor stock.  These are good medium bodied cigars that are more on the nutty, woody side of things for a Cuban, which goes well with the sweet spice of the chai.

Easter 2015 Small-87

I honestly don’t know why the hipsters haven’t claimed cigars yet.  Maybe they have and I just don’t know it. The rustic and old school style of enjoying a well crafted smoke would be just the thing to go with leather suspenders, Amish beards and an axe or bindle thrown over one shoulder and a first edition of Walden jammed in the back pocket. I guess there aren’t many cigar friendly places around with the current smoking laws. And I respect that, I’m an extremely courteous cigar smoker, but there are plenty of assholes who ruin it for everyone…chugging away three feet from people enjoying brunch because “we’re OUTDOORS, and I know you’re going to come and tell me to put it out, but I’m a whore for negative attention and this is my hill to die on every chance I get”.   I wish there were more places outside of cigar shops to light up in the area, but Thou Mayest is a great example of a place that has something for everyone.  I don’t drink alcohol, but if given a flavor profile I can definitely recommend an appropriate pairing.  It sounds like Mezcal is the new Scotch these days, so that would be a logical start for anyone interested.  Enjoying a smoke and a drink is a pretty perfect way to unplug and relax for an hour or so, and the quality and variety of cigars right now is unprecedented.  Just not with wine…I mean, Sangria maybe, but how did that even become a thing.  I don’t even want to think about it, get with me and I’ll point you in the right direction if you’re tempted to do something that shitty.

Easter 2015 Small-1

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